Company Registration


Registering your business under the right structure of company registration in India is as important as any other business-related activity, from engineering to design to marketing to sales to support. The right business structure and company registration in India allow you to operate with efficiency and meet the business targets and objectives that have been set by different departments of the business. 

Company registration in India is also a legal compliance that needs to be done by businesses.

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Required Documents for Company Registration

  • PAN Card of Directors
  • Aadhaar Card / Voter Id card of Directors
  • Electricity Bill / Water Bill (Place of Business)
  • Rent Agreement (In case of rented property)
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) as the name suggests it is a digital signature of an individual and it is required for filling the e-forms of company incorporation electronically to Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
The Unique Number is required to allot to an Individual which remains valid for whole life of the individual and is required to become director of any company.